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PeekImage’sprimary business area, PeekRetail,provides a powerful real-time image technology allowing our retail sector clients immediate response and evidence-based decision making solutions. The PeekRetail process ensures that our clients experience an end-to-end solution that includes comprehensive data capture coupled with real-time alert protocols, client driven custom analytics, and PeekFix, which provides a complete Out-of-Stock (OOS) solution. The PeekImage goal is to ensure that the PeekRetail process provides a custom solution to customer OOS and Distribution Void (DV) issues.

PeekRetail technology was developed to address $366 billion in annual lost sales due to OOS products in the retail sector. When this number is compared to $93 billion in annual lost sales due to OOS products in the retail sector just five years earlier, this shows a growth rate of over $50 billion in lost sales annually due to out-of-stock issues.


PeekRetail was designed to focus on recovering lost revenue currently inherent in the retail sector,targeting the consumer packaged goods manufacturing sector, their distributors and key retail clients.PeekRetail is an alternative methodology in which to gather raw retail “shelf” data pertaining to OOS and DV issues. Evidence-based image data in real-time allows retail and manufacturing clients the ability to make informed and definitive decisions.PeekImage founders combine an extensive knowledge of the retail and technology sectors to deliver aninnovativesolution thatsupersedespresent day technologies and strategies for dealing with OOS and DV issues.


PeekImage Client Commitment

Our goal is to maximize client profitability and return-on-investment (ROI) through short term recovery of typical out-of-stock scenarios, and long-term profit stability provided through PeekRetail's shelf maintenance programs.

PeekRetail's reach extends to a broad range of interests from Food and Beverage to Personal Care, Household, Office, Recreation, Entertainment and more.Wecustomize solutions that provide maximum ROI.PeekImage's solution technology provides critical information for both marketing and operational elements.

PeekImage is a data solutions company and quality in our data and deliverables is our primary commitment.

PeekRetail Business Cycle

The PeekRetail End-To-End Solution

The core technology of PeekRetail includes the PeekCapture process and the real-time delivery of PeekAlert, ensuring immediate delivery of decision making information. Transparency of process is a significant cornerstone of engagement, as all raw data becomesavailable through the PeekCapture process.

PeekRetail also provides an array of data trending and analytics through PeekIntel. PeekRetail staff will ensure that acustomizedanalytical process provides the data required to implement both short and long-term trend and shelf management decisions.

In offering an end-to-end solution, PeekRetail also includes PeekFix; a stand-alone business unit dedicated to supporting or acting as the merchandising solution for the client.

Our solutions are technically sound and innovative, and allow our clients the full flexibility inworkingwith ReekRetail data and our end-to-end full service OOS and DV retail solution.

PeekRetail Advisory Committee

To ensure that PeekImage fully understands its client requirements, the leadership team has implemented a PeekRetail Corporate Advisory Committee consisting of key individuals from various areas of the retail sector, all of whom are noted leaders of national and international companies. PeekImage's co-founders believe that the Advisory Committee adds an exeptional level of credibility and vision to PeekRetail's core business pursuits, and also in the development of new applications to serve the retail sector maximizing ROI in the short and long term.

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