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As the PeekImage data-intelligencecore business area,PeekGeoprovides excellence indata and project management, with over 30 years ofexperiencein industry specific roles.

PeekGeo was created through a strategic alignment of Pozitive Results Geographics, Inc. (PRGeo), which has been active as a Canadian company in the data and project management sector since 1996. InaligningPozitive Results Geographics with PeekImage, LLC and PeekImage, Inc., PeekGeo provides PeekImage the essential skills to support PeekRetail, PeekSportStrategies, and continued strategic growth of PeekGeo as an extension of Pozitive Results Geographics.


PeekGeo offers a solutions focus, in which we workcollaboratively to assess, develop and implement a data rich process through which to solve even the most complex multi-disciplinaryproblems. As the volume of data now available to a client becomesincreasinglycomplex, the ability to determine data that is truly necessary to generate a solution becomes essential to anorganization. This includes verification of data quality, the ability to createcomprehensive metadata (data about the data) that ensures each project has a trackable and traceable legacy, and the ability to assure our clients that their data resides in a secure setting. PeekGeo offers our clients an integrated data solution, in which all data resources are considered in seeking the optimal projectoutcome.


With a focus on geospatial and geographic information systems (GIS) solutions PeekGeo provides services in:

  • Data analytics, evaluation and interpretation;
  • Database design, modelling, and development;
  • Projectmanagement,planning and staffing;
  • Integrated mapping and geospatial tracking solutions; and
  • Technology transfer and training programs.

PeekGeo has a depth of internationalexperience working with industry, communities and government at regional and federal levels throughout the world.

Peek Experience

PeekGeo has extensive experience inresource,environmental, space and defence, First Nations/Native, technology transfer and municipal sectors, with clients that have included:

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PeekGeo Solves Your Puzzles

PeekGeo staff are fully integrated within solutions offered through PeekRetail and PeekSportStrategies, ensuring consistency of PeekImage corporate offerings, and the ability to utilize the collective and collaborative knowledge of all PeekImage staff.

Our strength is that of global expereince, diversity of industry sectors in which we have applied our expertise, and a strategic process through which we assess new technologies. Once selected, PeekImage staff then determines effectiveopportunities to apply new technologies focused on improving existing industry practices or in defining entirely new ways of approaching an old problem. Our goal is to ensure effective andefficientsolutions that provide maximized ROI.

PeekGeo is available through all of it’s corporate locations, including the United States, Canada and Australia, with the ability to apply our products and services anywhere in the world.

Contact us at PeekGeo for further information on products and services.

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