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Solutions Worth A Peek!

PeekImageprovides an array of leading edge technology and knowledge solutions in three core business areas. Focused on leadership in data solutions, PeekImage is dedicated to the delivery of Peak Quality in each area of expertiese.

In addition to our in-house team, PeekImage works with a select group of Professional Associates with specific areas of expertiese to ensure that our committment to delivering an optimal solution is provided to every client we work with.

Our depth of expereince and our diversity in applying evidence-based data solutions allow us to understand aproblem from a multitude of perspectives, as we deliver solutions that start with a broad consideration in seeking the specific outcome unique to a given client.

Core Business Areas
PeekRetail BA
  • PeekImage’sprimary business area, PeekRetail,provides a powerful real-time image technology allowing our retail sector clients immediate response and evidence-based decision making solutions.[details]
PeekGeo BA
  • PeekGeo provides geospatial consultation services in data evaluation, modeling and interpretation; database design and development; projectmanagement and planning; and system design, focused on spatial/geographic information systems (GIS), integrated mapping solutions and training.[details]
PeekSportStrategies BA
  • PeekSportStrategies blends an in-depth knowledge in datamethodologies combined with an extensive knowledge of recreational through to high performance sport at the operational and strategic level. The unique combination ensures that evidence-based solutions be applied throughout the sport community at the local, regional, national and international levels.[details]

We welcome you to explore our services, so take a peek inside. If you would like to obtain further detailed information on PeekImage and its retail product solutions, please contact us

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