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PeekImageformed through a collaboration of its co-founders; Cynthia Weifenbach and Ozzie Sawicki. Both individuals found that data-intelligence was a common theme between their diverseexperiencial history. A corporate strategy was quickly formed that saw a collaboration between extensive retail knowledge partnered with advanced technology experience that has led to PeekImage’s primary core business area of PeekRetail.

The co-founders also continue to bring their individual areas ofexpertiseto their existing client base and to a new audience as the PeekImage collaborationexpandsboth a capacity of unique data driven offerings, and an expanded international reach.

Peek Business

The merge between the two diverse co-founders has created a company that reflectsexperientialdiversity. Bringing together creative and highly innovative ideas, PeekImage hasinitiatedthree core business areas. All three areas incorporate leading edge technology implementation and customized attention to a client's positive return on investment (ROI).

Core Business Areas
PeekRetail BA
PeekGeo BA
PeekSportStrategies BA


Peek Leadership

Cynthia Weifenbach, based in Anaheim, CA, USA, provides a long-standing knowledge of the retail operations environment, including an in-depth understanding of data utilization and data audit protocols within the retail marketplace. Cynthia also has an extensive working knowledge of retail data systems and methodologies, retail merchandising, demonstrations, marketing, advertising, and promotions. Highly respected as a credible resource to many leaders in a variety of retail sectors, Cynthia is PeekImage's key spokesperson with our North American retail clientele.[details]

Ozzie Sawicki, based in Calgary, AB, Canada, brings to the company a strong international working knowledge in data acquisition methodologies, data systems and data quality standards. Ozzie has an extensive project management background having worked with data acquisition, implementation and assessment projects in the resource, space and defense, municipal, academic and recreational and high performance sport sectors. His experience in working with leading edge technologies and a strong working relationship with professional associates in leadership roles in technology, data systems, technology and knowledge transfer, and spatial mapping sectors, has solidified his credibility in delivering evidence-based technology solutions to a broad spectrum of clients.[details]


Peek Location

PeekImage, LLC has corporate representation in the United States situated in Anaheim, California, while PeekImage Inc. has a Canadianoperational base in Calgary, Alberta. Having a US and Canadian presence, PeekImage has cross border access to the best thought leaders in the retail, spatial mapping,technologytransfer and sport industries in North America, ensuring that it can effectively support its client's uinique needs in either country.

PeekImage has also expanded its reach into the Asia Pacific market with the introduction of our PeekImage office in Canberra, Australia.

For further information contact as at info@peekimage.com.

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